WorkLLama helps recruiters create time and space to deliver powerful human experiences.

When you put candidates first, your recruiting will soar.

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Our mission is to help recruiting teams thrive by streamlining candidate engagement and referral management with automation and visibility that minimize runaround, optimize candidate experience and maximize ROI.

Why a candidate-first mindset makes a difference (for your business)

When you let your candidates drive the experience, recruiters can create something worth sharing. And we help you do just that.

WorkLLama automation and multi-mode communication helps recruiters communicate effectively and on schedule. And our app makes it easy for candidates and colleagues in your network to share jobs with qualified friends.

Learn how to make recruiting go viral by delivering candidate engagement that counts.

We take a holistic approach to the candidate experience

Today’s market demands a better experience for candidates. WorkLLama was built to help recruiters deliver it.

Continuous candidate engagement is a recruiting model driven by the candidate experience. At its core is engaging job-seekers at every turn of the journey. But it can be extremely labor intensive — without the right tools. We built WorkLLama to make it easier for recruiters to engage when and where it matters most, creating time and space to build relationships on a personal level.

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Learn how putting your candidates first can make your recruiting soar.

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