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Get to know WorkLLama and why we believe wholeheartedly in the power of human connections.

Our story

Recruiting and human experience technology evolves in waves.

Automation surfed in on one, promising recruiters a brave new world where bots read resumes, sent emails and made hard, unbiased decisions for you.

Sure, it seemed like recruiters would get replaced by robots. But who actually got replaced? The candidate.

Candidate-first mindset is about putting the people you serve at the center of the problem you’re trying to solve. Abandoning candidates was a red flag we couldn’t unsee.

So, we used our tech chops to change the tide. We designed our platform around the way human beings connect, network and work together. Automation, as we saw it, should replace busywork, not relationships.

WorkLLama launched in 2016.

Each day, we talk to candidates, recruiters and employers, like you, to understand how our platform can improve and evolve.

Technology can (and should) help consistently provide better experiences for candidates, recruiters, staffing companies and corporate employers, alike. We’re hopeful this is just the beginning of the next great wave.

What we stand for
Our mission

To give recruiters + employers the how (and why) of putting candidates first. We automate + optimize the hiring process to create time/space for real human connections to grow.

What we’re working toward
Our vision

We want to see employers, staffing firms + recruiting tech get serious about serving people’s needs with bolder, more meaningful human experiences. To put a bold underline under the HUMAN in human resources.

Who’s making it happen
Our team

We’re curious people. We ask hard questions. We’re not afraid to experiment to find the best answers. Being people-first with our product means being people-first at the office.That’s where you come in. You’ll want to bring your boldest ideas and be ready to listen closely, too. Up for the challenge?

Meet Sofi, your llamabot
Burning Questions

Why the LLama?

Llamas are known for lifting workloads, being solid teammates, guarding sheep and even delivering happiness.

It was impossible not to see the correlation* between the earnest, hardworking pack animal and our platform. WorkLLama has a reputation for carrying the hiring workload for employers by providing best human experiences.

So, next time you activate an automated workflow in WorkLLama, please picture Sofi, your personal llama, packing her bags and hitting the road in honor of your success and happiness.

The power of human connections

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*WorkLLama probably won’t protect your sheep. It’s not on our roadmap, right now. Tweet @workllama if you actually read this. You might get a prize.