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Sofi, AI Conversational Bot

Don’t just chat. Serve your candidates.

Replicate and scale recruiter interactions with Sofi, the WorkLLama bot. She can answer questions, ask them, vet, schedule and screen candidates — and serve 24/7 without a water break.

WorkLLama screens

Morning job seeker

Drive candidate experiences

Build and keep momentum whenever candidates are searching for jobs.

Meet Sofi! She’s a natural language processing (NLP) bot that drives conversational and productive candidate experiences with logical questions and next steps. Available 24/7, she’s ready to support candidates exactly when they’re searching for jobs. With Sofi, you can:

  • Quickly process candidate resumes, build profiles and understand what they’re looking for (and best suited for).
  • Instantly screen candidates for skills, experience, interests, salary, and answer their follow-up questions too.
  • Recommend best-fit jobs based on their profiles and promote openings they might not have otherwise noticed.
  • Schedule interviews and automatically share profiles with hiring managers to advance the hiring process.
  • Sync Sofi with your ATS and automatically update records based on information she collects.
Turn chats into employer brand loyalty

Happier candidates, happier employers.

Consistently delivering candidate experiences that make people happy is hard work. Sofi supports recruiters by taking on repetitive tasks, like screening candidates, scheduling back-and-forth, check-ins and referral requests. Recruiters can then focus on high-level tasks and building relationships.

Sofi helps candidates feel cared for, seen, heard and like they’re in the right place. It’s an experience that gets people talking!

“Sofi is like having a well-mannered recruiting assistant who makes sure my time is spent building purposeful relationships with clients and candidates — and not copy-pasting process emails.”

Jill S.

Do more than automate forms

Keep the ball rolling with AI-driven decisions and next steps.

Conversations are a two-way street. Sofi does more than ask questions a static form can. Instead, she actively engages — to learn about candidates and know what to recommend they do next. It’s exactly what you’d expect a go-getter recruiting assistant to do.

Zoom in on bot conversation

Process resumes on-the-spot. Sofi can intake, parse and process candidate resumes into a candidate profile that’s standardized and searchable.

Engage at the moment of intent! After a candidate uploads their resume, Sofi can ask follow-up questions, recommend jobs and turn an application experience into a best-fit job match.

Promising candidate alert! When Sofi sees a good match, she can check for experience level and salary requirements. She’ll administer skills and competency assessments to let hiring managers know if candidates hit the mark.

Schedule interviews, conduct video interviews. Sure, she can schedule interviews. But Sofi can also run one-way video interviews to ask candidates questions and record their answers for hiring managers to review.

Support, delight, repeat

Streamline and scale how you deliver consistency.

Sofi was built to support both your candidates and your recruiting workforce. Not only does she execute with consistency; she learns from every experience, helps your team improve how you deliver and get better each time.

Better with every interaction

“Ideally, we’d always stop and evaluate how each candidate experience went and how we could improve. But we never have the time. Sofi automatically helps us measure, improve and iterate on providing better experiences and boosting our employer brand with candidates.”

Corey W.

It's Sofi!

Meet Sofi

See for yourself how a conversational bot can work for you.

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