3 Ways to Supercharge Your Direct Sourcing Efforts Right Now

Unlock the power of your collective workforce in order to cultivate a self-sustaining direct sourcing channel that can drive your business forward

While 2020 was marked by tremendous uncertainty, it also made very clear that agility and adaptability are the keys to business survival. Most companies spent the better part of last year reacting to changing market dynamics and readying their businesses to function in a new COVID economic era.

For workforce leaders, the biggest challenge this year will be finding a way to execute on new corporate initiatives after a year of significant upheaval and turmoil – for some, unprecedented hiring sprees but, for others, devastating workforce reductions and employee furloughs. 

It’s an extraordinary task.

What remains the same, despite these circumstances, is that people are still your most important asset. The unique capabilities, strengths and experiences of your workforce are what differentiates you from your competition. Now more than ever before, having access to the right talent when you need it will help companies reach their goals. 

But with the widespread mass exodus to online operations, it is more difficult to engage and connect with employees, contingent labor, candidates and your extended talent network. The right digital strategy is the key. 

Here are three ways to unlock the power of your collective workforce in order to cultivate a self-sustaining direct sourcing channel that can drive your business forward.

1. You’ve built your brand. Make the most of it.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money to create a brand that represents you in the marketplace. It takes continued investment in your brand over time for it to grow and act as a source of momentum for your company. Strong brands actually become revenue streams for businesses, by attracting talent, customers, partners and even investors.

It’s important to keep your brand front and center in order to help with organic growth. For talent in particular, branded apps and talent portals associate your company with opportunities and help you build a personal connection with candidates from their first interaction with your company. 

They also allow you to control the experience your extended talent network has with you. By creating a central place for them to interact with your company, you can deliver consistent messages, control the flow of communication and create an experience that’s reflective of your unique brand.

2. Put your referral program to work.

The onus is on you to bring your referral program to life. Today’s social referral management tools can keep your program running behind the scenes, and with little action needed from your team. Besides making the referral process incredibly easy (which is half the battle), tools built with integrated automation technology can send messages to employees to remind them of the need for referrals on a pre-scheduled or ad hoc basis. 

Consider referral activity when evaluating employees as part of your rewards and recognition program. While most programs focus only on performance, introducing you to new talent should also be rewarded. Encourage more referrals by incentivizing employees with financial rewards, company-wide recognition or with branded items like water bottles or t-shirts.

There’s also a strong social component to successful referral programs. Putting the right technology into the hands of your employees is key and can help grow your talent pool threefold. A referral platform with an intuitive mobile app allows them to quickly share job postings during times when they’re most active on social media, which is (hopefully) during non-business hours.

3. Design an experience that stands out.

Your recruiters, and your employees as an extension of your recruiting team, need the process to be easy, quick and intuitive. Candidates demand the same type of experience – and you only get one chance to deliver it. A 2019 report found that 69% of candidates who had a negative experience wouldn’t give you another chance. 

Automation plays a huge role in creating seamless processes and frictionless engagement for candidates. WorkLLama’s AI conversational bot (we call her Sofi) helps you engage with candidates in real time. For example, Sofi can answer questions, schedule interviews, administer assessments and much more, to keep candidates warm and engaged.

Now is the time. A Talent Board report found that only one in four candidates considered their experience to be great. 

A branded talent community platform makes all your direct sourcing efforts even easier. It allows you to both take advantage of and strengthen your brand awareness when engaging with employees and candidates. It delivers a mobile-first candidate experience built specifically for today’s era of work. And, most importantly, it allows you to tap into your own employees as well as your passive candidate database to ultimately produce a self-sustaining, curated and more cost effective direct sourcing channel.