WorkLLama is Integrated with Bullhorn for Referral Management and Candidate Engagement

Bullhorn ATS users now benefit from WorkLLama’s Viral Referral Management and Unified Candidate Engagement Platform

WorkLLama is now integrated with Bullhorn, the global leader in software for the staffing industry. WorkLLama’s first-of-its-kind viral referral management and unified candidate engagement platform now empowers staffing agencies and employers using Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system (ATS) to source and deliver higher quality candidates more quickly and seamlessly.

“The integration of WorkLLama’s platform with the Bullhorn ATS creates a unified, mobile-centric candidate engagement and referral management solution that provides a rich experience for Bullhorn users,” said WorkLLama Founder and CEO Sudhakar Maruvada.

“Rather than having to leverage multiple point solutions for candidate engagement and referral management, Bullhorn users now have access to the full potential of WorkLLama’s integrated experience at their fingertips.”

Designed for staffing firms and in-house recruiters with high-volume, time-sensitive hiring goals, WorkLLama’s solution pairs with ATS or human capital management (HCM) providers to quickly turn hiring process milestones into automated, yet meaningful, touchpoints that keep candidates and referral sources engaged.

With the WorkLLama integration, Bullhorn can offer a holistic, mobile-centric experience including:

  • Viral referral management: automated messaging and multi-level networking make recruiting go viral.
  • Unified candidate engagement: AI-driven WorkLLama bot fully automates the hiring process, making brands stand out.
  • Multi-mode communication allows clients to deliver every message when and where candidates and referral sources want them most, in any manner (text, push, chat, voice, email, etc.), every time.
  • AI-driven chatbot: Sofi, WorkLLama’s AI-driven bot, puts a personal touch on automated discussions as a result of having end-to-end visibility into a candidate’s/associate’s journey.
  • On-demand staffing enables users to meet flexible workforce and temp demands quickly.

Added Sudhakar, “As part of our commitment to help staffing firms and corporations provide a memorable candidate experience, we’re thrilled to offer WorkLLama’s solution to Bullhorn’s significant base of customers. Now, even more companies will see the benefits of WorkLLama’s solution, including reduced recruiting and technology costs, decreased time to hire, faster candidate redeployment with minimal downtime between assignments, and more applicants due to a mobile-centric candidate experience.”

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