Kforce Partners With WorkLLama to Launch App-Based Referral Program

KFORCEconnect provides a platform for users to connect, refer qualified candidates and get paid

App meets top candidates where they’re conducting job searches — mostly on mobile devices — and within reach of their professional networks to make referral connections seamless.

Kforce has partnered with WorkLLama, a talent acquisition and workforce management platform, to launch an app-based referral program called KFORCEconnect. The app allows users to easily refer their contacts to open positions and get paid up to $1,000 for successful hires.

“With increasing demand for top talent, we need to meet candidates where they’re conducting their job search, which is often on a mobile device and through their professional network. Thanks to our partners at WorkLLama, KFORCEconnect addresses these challenges by making it easy to refer and apply to new positions,” said Andrew Thomas, Kforce Chief Marketing Officer.

Since the app’s launch in March, over 1,200 referrals have been made resulting in multiple hires. In addition to reducing time-to-fill, KFORCEconnect matches highly skilled professionals with the right opportunity. Recently, a successful hire was made for a data engineer position which was referred by Mahesh Perumal.

Perumal said, “The KFORCEconnect app is an easy one-step process to refer the appropriate candidate. The role and location are self-explanatory, and it has the helpful option to post a resume. Love this app.”

“We are excited to see the impact of combining our advanced platform with Kforce’s vast experience in the staffing industry. I’m confident the program will deliver on the promise of a holistic SaaS Referral and Candidate engagement platform that drives business efficiencies and offers an unparalleled candidate experience,” said Sudhakar Maruvada, CEO and Founder of WorkLLama.

To connect, refer and get paid, new users can download KFORCEconnect from the App Store or Google Play.