WorkLLama Launches Candidate Engagement and Referral Management Platform at SIA Executive Forum

WorkLLama solution has potential to reduce recruiting costs by $1M per year and drive $1.6M in annual net income.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Feb. 25, 2019WorkLLama, a leading staffing industry solution provider, introduces its SaaS platform for candidate engagement and referrals at SIA Executive Forum in Austin, Texas, Feb. 25-28. WorkLLama’s holistic solution offers referral management, candidate engagement, multi-mode communication and presence and can be delivered with or without an app. Based on a recent private study, the solution has the potential to reduce recruiting costs by $1 million per year and drive $1.6 million in net income annually at a company with $50 million in revenues.

“We are thrilled to pave the path to deliver on the promise of AI with a holistic SaaS platform that drives business efficiencies and offers an unparalleled candidate experience,” said Sudhakar Maruvada, CEO and Founder of WorkLLama. “We founded WorkLLama with the mission of solving problems related to recruiting and retaining employees. With our new Referral Management and Candidate Engagement platform, customers will see a reduction in recruiting and technology costs, decreased time to hire, faster candidate redeployment with minimal downtime between assignments, and more applicants due to a mobile-centric candidate experience.”

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, 43 percent of candidates discover jobs via referrals. And, LinkedIn states that 48 percent of quality hires come from referrals. New Media and Marketing indicates that 60 percent of jobseekers have had a poor candidate experience and 72 percent of those talk about it. WorkLLama’s solution addresses all of this, offering multi-level, multi-dimensional referral management to help organizations reduce cost and time to hire and increase fill rates without creating administrative overhead. And, WorkLLama includes unified candidate engagement so recruiters don’t waste time switching amongst various tools.

The WorkLLama SaaS platform offers a mobile experience for jobseekers and associates. The mobile app can be white-labeled and integrated into an organization’s applicant tracking system (ATS) with minimal impact on current processes. It also can be leveraged without an app. The platform includes:

Multi-level, multi-dimensional referral management and viral recruiting

  • Leverages proprietary referral and incentive management
  • Reduces time and cost to hire
  • Creates crowd-sourced network effects, as everyone with the app is a micro-recruiter

Unified candidate engagement

  • Offers options including event-driven, scheduled or manual notifications, surveys, polls and more
  • Supports multi-mode communication: voice, text, chat, push, email, video and bot
  • Saves time recruiters spend switching tools

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  • Delivers on the benefits of AI via holistic solution
  • Drives network effects

WorkLLama will be showcasing its new platform at SIA Executive Forum in Austin, Texas Feb. 25-28 (Kiosk E).

About WorkLLama

WorkLLama is a leading staffing industry solution provider that offers the market’s only multi-level, multi-dimensional referral management and unified candidate engagement solution. The company’s SaaS-based platform expands staffing agencies’ recruiting capacity and reduces cost and time to hire. WorkLLama’s candidate engagements include workflows for event-driven, scheduled and manual notifications, and they support multi-mode communications, such as voice, text, chat, push, email, video and bot. WorkLLama integrates seamlessly with applicant tracking systems, delivering a holistic mobile experience to jobseekers and associates with or without an app.