WorkLLama empowers you to…

Deliver an experience that creates a wholly human connection.

WorkLLama is a comprehensive talent community platform that helps companies engage candidates, employees and clients with branded, personalized and meaningful experiences.

Sofi the WorkLLama Bot
Meet our WorkLLama Bot

Why the LLama?

Llamas are known for lifting workloads, being solid teammates, guarding sheep and even delivering happiness.

We couldn’t dismiss the correlation between that earnest, hardworking pack animal and our platform. WorkLLama has a reputation for assisting with serious workloads that help employers and staffing companies create and deliver best human experiences.

So, next time you activate an automated workflow or know your WorkLLama bot is optimizing the experience, please picture Sofi, your personal llama, packing her bags and hitting the road in honor of your success and happiness.

Our Mission

To give recruiters and employers the how (and why) of putting candidates first. We automate and optimize the hiring process to create time and space for real human connections to grow.

Our Vision

We want to see employers, staffing firms and recruiting tech get serious about serving people’s needs with bolder, more meaningful human experiences. To put a bold underline under the HUMAN in human resources.




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Being people-first with our technology means being people-first in our office (even when it’s virtual).

We’re on a mission to change the way people connect and revolutionize the way teams grow. That starts with a powerful team of our own. See what it’s like and if you’re up for the challenge.