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Most recently, Hawkins was chief sales officer at Kelly Services, leading a $3.6B customer portfolio through direct employees in more than 15 countries throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and the Middle East. Prior to that, he was SVP global sales and marketing for Xerox HR Services/Buck Consultants responsible for the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Western Europe markets. He has extensive experience leading global business units and P&Ls across multiple industries and orchestrating commercial transformations that deliver sustained and record-setting profits.

Myke Hawkins an inspiring, dynamic, and results-driven business executive having served as Chief Sales & Revenue Officer for multiple Fortune 500 organizations.

Employing a compelling blend of strategic and critical thinking, market-defining vision and insights, customer affinity, Myke is known to ignite unwavering engagement and electric enthusiasm in a way that transforms an organization’s ability to deliver high-performance.

A University of Michigan graduate often sought out for keynote presentations, Myke often presents powerful thought leadership about the future of work, commercial turnarounds, and developing high-performing leaders and teams.

When he’s not working on the future of work, he loves working on his assortment of vintage, high-horsepower cars and jamming out new songs on his electric guitar with the amp on 10.