Direct Sourcing

Stop looking for candidates. Find them in your talent community.

WorkLLama engages, curates and builds a sustainable pool of permanent and contingent talent that empowers you to hire faster, cut labor costs and grow your business.


of large employers use direct sourcing to fill their own talent needs and reduce dependence on third-party sources.

What is direct sourcing?

It’s a recruiting strategy that uses your employer brand and your existing talent community — qualified candidates you’ve already sourced, engaged and can re-engage — to fill jobs you need now. Move over, third-party sourcing channels. It’s direct sourcing for the win!

Direct sourcing with the WorkLLama talent community platform leverages your employer brand to cut your reliance on third-party sources and put a curated talent pool at your fingertips.

Reduce spend.

Don’t pay for staffing costs, ads or admin overhead from hiring perm and contingent talent.

WorkLLama’s tech cuts costs and creates efficiencies by leveraging your existing talent database to attract and re-engage candidates who know, trust and can boost your employer brand.

Hire faster.

Waste no time. Use dynamic talent pools to meet demands for skills, experience and availability.

Screen and process applications on-the-spot with our AI conversational bot. Stack, rank and match jobs to candidates. Then drive next steps with automated engagement — save time without losing the human touch.

Increase quality.

Referred candidates are 9x more likely to be hired. Harness social referrals, hire better candidates.

WorkLLama makes it easy for contacts to share your jobs and track incentives — and even easier to automate referral management and requests. Unleash the power of referrals while eliminating process overheads tied to it.

Dynamic Talent Pools

Target searches, rank profiles and match candidates to the right jobs.

Gain hiring flexibility

Respond to talent needs — by niche or number — with WorkLLama’s dynamic talent pools you can build by skill, location, availability or rankings. Make offers, get instant responses and realize the full potential of your direct sourcing channel.

  • Use talent profiles to see skill sets, experience and availability in your own pool.
  • Re-engage talent you’ve vetted, worked with and can trust to get the jobs done.
  • Automate candidate engagement and scale candidate experiences that bolster and build trust with your employer brand.
  • Find and fill in skills gaps or experience needs to better target your ongoing recruitment efforts.


Build, nurture & grow with referrals

WorkLLama builds onto your existing talent community and extends your employer brand reach 3x with social referrals and automated program management.

  • Use automated engagement to request referrals and instantly welcome referred candidates into your hiring process.
  • Referral management streamlines updates, payouts & automated appreciation communications (without losing that personal touch).
  • Activate your employer brand advocates with referral tool that makes it easy to share jobs on social, send jobs via text/email and track incentives.
  • Promote incentives directly in your job posts and keep your referral program top-of-mind.
  • Use analytics & reporting to know, recognize and encourage your best referral sources.


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