SIG Procurement Technology Summit

WorkLLama is a proud silver sponsor of this year’s SIG Procurement Technology Summit! Taking place in Amelia Island, FL from April 4-6. 

WorkLLama will be hosting a breakout session called Leveraging AI to Direct Source Talent with Minimal Disruption and Maximum Cost Savings – Direct Sourcing 2.0. Join our COO and co-founder, Saleem Khaja, as he discusses how the changing landscape of work, accelerated by the pandemic, has triggered a sense of urgency to rethink traditional approaches to talent acquisition. Forward-thinking organizations are implementing new ways to find and engage candidates that include mobile-first strategies, AI-driven conversational bots, direct sourcing, and referral programs. The introduction of a new breed of technology platforms gives employers the ability to quickly scale and implement solutions that cultivate self-sustaining talent channels that deliver quality talent faster and more cost effectively. Much of it is based on using the power of AI to engage in all aspects of the talent journey, from attracting applicants to putting them to work to nurturing ongoing relationships.

Register for the session and this year’s SIG Procurement Technology Summit here!