Supercharge your ATS/HCM and your talent network with WorkLLama candidate engagement platform.

How WorkLLama integrates with your existing ATS or HCM

Holistic Approach to Candidate Engagement

AI Driven (1)
  • Built to help deliver your recruiting process with a candidate-first mindset.
  • Reach ready-to-work candidates when/where they’re ready to engage.
  • Event-driven, scheduled or manually triggered candidate engagements with workflows.
  • Contextually catalogued touch points let you deliver better communications, faster.

Easy Referral Management and Viral Recruiting

Crowd Enabled (1)
  • Multi-level network effects made easy. Anyone in your talent network can refer and share jobs anywhere with a swipe or tap.
  • Detailed visibility to referral program managers and referrers makes progress and incentives easy to track.
  • WorkLLama mobile app empowers your network to connect friends with work and become microrecruiters.
  • Eliminates administrative burden that impedes the success of referral programs.

Continuous candidate engagement and referrals go hand-in-hand.

WorkLLama integrates with your existing ATS or HCM, and powers up recruiting with these features.


Built for staffing firms and businesses with high-volume and time-sensitive hiring goals, here’s how WorkLLama enhances your existing management system:

Intentional Automation and Candidate Engagements

  • Thoughtful, automated and well-timed engagements
  • Surveys, polls, messages and alerts
  • Configurable messaging at job and event level
  • Multi-mode communication: voice, email, text, chat, push and more
  • Saves time spent switching tools to communicate, track and catalog info

Sharing, Tracking and Rewarding Referrals

  • Launch, seamlessly manage and measure successful referral programs
  • WorkLLama mobile app makes multi-level networking easy with one-tap sharing via text, email or social
  • Referred friends can share, too, and build your roster
  • Fully automated for viral distribution
  • Detailed view into who referred whom, easy to identify your brand ambassadors
  • Cuts administrative overhead and increases ROI on referral program

Streamlined Recruiter Console, Reporting and Analytics

  • Save time and execute all recruiter functions from one screen
  • Increase recruiting speed, efficiency — and fill rates
  • Use descriptive and predictive analytics to make informed decisions
  • Run hiring workflows, including questionnaires and custom notification messages
  • Search company profiles, skills, credentials and other essentials
Advanced report
hiring campaigns

Hiring Campaigns With Tracking

  • Launch, manage and measure hiring campaigns from recruiter console
  • Track and view clicks, applicants, hires and referrals from various sources
  • Get detailed, consolidated view into performance of campaigns
  • Use data and reporting to optimize your recruiting spend

WorkLLama Mobile App

  • Put the power of recruiting in your talent network’s hands
  • Make it easy for your contacts to view jobs, refer friends and share via text, email, social and other apps
  • Let referrers track referral progress and incentives/rewards without the email back-and-forth

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