Automated Candidate Engagement

Boost engagement 42% across the talent life cycle (and cut your workload).

WorkLLama automates personalized and optimized experiences that meet candidates where they are and show them the way to your employer brand.


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Workflows & Event Triggers

Automate routine messages, updates and anything you copy-paste.

Ditch the busywork. Sending updates is a time-suck. But 81% of candidates are turned off if you don’t. WorkLLama integrates with your ATS to trigger messages across the candidate experience.

Workflows are easy to create. Drag-and-drop your way to the automated workflow-driven productivity. Send messages, add notes to candidate profiles, update their records and contextually catalogue your interactions.

Never miss a beat — or an event. Automation also means you never forget to welcome new candidates, send a follow-up or text them on their first day. Create the workflows, set the triggers and WorkLLama will hit send.

Text, chat, email, bot & alerts

Deliver messages when/where candidates expect them.

Preferred communication methods. Some updates are best via email. Some candidates would love a text. Personalize and customize how you communicate with candidates and identify what modes work best.

Live, two-way chat. Say hello, in real-time! Recruiters can get instant responses and chat back-and-forth with candidates, via app messenger or text (SMS). You can also save conversations to the candidate’s profile.

Omni-channel & centralized. From interview notes to email histories, WorkLLama centralizes records and communications so you don’t need to switch tools. Plus, your whole team has ready access to the info it needs.

In the palm of their hand. Push notifications, recruiter messages and job alerts from the WorkLLama app make it easy for candidates to stay — and feel — connected to your recruiters and employer brand.

Ready 24/7. Our AI conversational bot drives conversational and productive candidate experiences with logical questions and next steps.



of job seekers want to get job alerts on their mobile devices, via notifications or texts.

Surveys, NPS & Polls

Keep a pulse on your candidate experience with regular feedback.

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Capture feedback, know your score. Automate sending Net Promoter Score (NPS) and satisfaction surveys, and continuously collect data on your candidate experience.

Send surveys & reminders. Share surveys and polls vis text or email. Make it easy for recipients to respond and complete on their preferred devices.

Get ahead of issues. Regular engagement via simple surveys and polls tells you how you’re performing and helps your candidates feel seen and heard.

Create thought leadership. Use simple polls and surveys to measure satisfaction, get feedback or collect measurable data you can respond to, research and develop thought leadership around in aggregate.

Tracking & insights

Insights to optimize your candidate engagement.

Use descriptive and predictive analytics from your recruiter dashboard to see your how hiring campaigns perform and make informed decisions about strategy.

  • Identify preferred modes of communication
  • Find trends in responses
  • Track campaigns
  • Measure time saved and ROI
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improve & grow



hours a week recruiters and HR managers save when they automate recruiting tasks, like engagement.

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