On Demand Shift Management

Keep your talent pipeline and hourly shifts full — all year long.

Cut time-to-fill with pre-screened, right-skilled workers on stand-by. WorkLLama automates shift management, enables instant responses and meets your need for speed in on-demand staffing.


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Pre-vetted candidate profiles

Quickly place right-skilled and ready-to-work candidates.

Robust profiles & dynamic talent pools. WorkLLama candidate profiles are built so you can quickly see exactly what you need to know. You can also create dynamic talent pools to curate, sort and match talent to the right jobs.

Real-time availability. Schedule shifts with real-time access to availability, profiles and instant responses. See who’s available and automatically match to where they fit.

Power to the profile. Candidates and workers can update their profiles to reflect availability and changes to their credentials, experiences, skills and certifications.

Automated shift management

Shift management doesn’t have to be so hard. With WorkLLama, it isn’t.

Less hands-on time for recruiters. Automation takes the manual work out of shift management. Your pre-vetted candidates can accept and be assigned shifts without recruiters making a move.

Automated backfills. Fill departing workers in a jiffy. WorkLLama helps you tap standby workers to minimize productivity loss and recruiter action.

Limit shift acceptance, avoid overtimes. Shift management means shift management! WorkLLama can limit shift acceptance based on hours caps and help employers and workers avoid overtime issues.

Redeployment dibs. Be first-in-line when it comes to knowing your talent pool, next assignments and redeployment. WorkLLama automated engagement helps you plan ahead and retain great talent.


of overtime costs can be saved when employers better manage shifts, backfills and coverage.

Referrals made easy

Get ahead of workforce needs by filling your talent pool with referrals.


9x more likely to be hired. Candidates referred by your employees are more likely to be the right fit. Leverage workers’ networks to find the talent you need, faster.

Reach beyond your employee network. WorkLLama’s social referrals and job posts make your referral program accessible to the world. That means you can grow your talent pool exponentially with beyond-employee social connections.

Eliminate administrative work. WorkLLama drives a clear-cut referral process from a mobile app that carries your brand, manages incentives, shares updates and tracks activity for you.

Automate requests & incentive tracking. WorkLLama automates referral requests (and can do it regularly), and sends updates to referral sources on progress and payouts.

Instant job alerts & responses

Make offers, get answers, fill shifts.

  • Push immediate job notifications to workers who are ready to work and mobile.
  • Automate shift confirmations via mobile app and candidate portal
  • Build workflows for regular check-ins, referral requests, reminders, status updates and redeployment communications.
  • Use our AI conversational bot to drive conversational and productive candidate experiences with logical questions and next steps.



of employers say the best fit and highest quality new-hires regularly come from employee referrals.

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