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Social Referral Management

Referred candidates are 9x more likely to be hired.

Streamline, scale and supercharge your job referral program with WorkLLama’s social-sharing capabilities and automated referral management that effortlessly attract better candidates to your talent pool.

Referral group

Reach new talent networks

Social sharing gives you access to employee and non-employee networks.

Sharing made seriously simple. The WorkLLama mobile app carries your branding and makes it easy as a swipe or a tap to share jobs and refer friends — via social media, text or email.

Empower your employees. Give your people an easy-to-use tool with a clear referral process — and incentives — to be your eyes and ears for qualified, great-fit candidates.

Promote your referral program directly in your job posts. Keep your program top-of-mind and your referral incentives clear. WorkLLama job posts make it easy to see why referring great candidates pays off!

Reach beyond your employee network. WorkLLama’s social referrals and job posts make your referral program accessible to the world. That means you can grow your talent pool exponentially with beyond-employee social connections.

Engage passive candidates

Relationships are key to reaching passive candidates.

WorkLLama makes it easy for your contacts to refer friends who are perfect for the job — and then leave it to your recruiters to deliver the employee value proposition and nurture talent toward the right-fit jobs.

That personal introduction to passive candidates is key to attracting top talent. WorkLLama’s automated engagement initiates contact and our AI conversational bot welcomes the candidate to get to know your employer brand better.

And after they join your team, they’ll be raring to refer great people too!


of candidates are passive job seekers. They’re open to hearing about jobs (especially from friends), but not putting themselves out there just yet.

Eliminate manual work

Automate admin tasks, engagement and incentive tracking.


Say so long, spreadsheets! WorkLLama drives a clear-cut referral process from a mobile app that carries your brand, manages incentives, shares updates and tracks activity for you.

Automate requests & updates. Save recruiters the copy-paste routine. WorkLLama automates referral requests (and can do it regularly), and sends updates to referral sources and referred candidates.

Get on-demand visibility — and give it. Build trust with transparency into your referral process. WorkLLama tracks referral activities and gives program managers and referral sources on-demand visibility into progress and payouts.

Measure performance

Insights to optimize your referral program.

WorkLLama reporting & analytics were built to give program managers visibility into how their referral programs are performing and actionable insights for continuous improvement.

  • Identify your best referral sources
  • Look for trends in quality of referrals & fit
  • Track campaigns
  • Measure incentives and ROI
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improve & grow



of employers say the best fit and highest quality new-hires regularly come from employee referrals.

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