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With powers combined (or one at a time), WorkLLama products were built to help smart recruiters + employers meet today’s hiring demands with a candidate-first mindset.


Streamline and scale your operations with a full recruiting + hiring stack, ready to pair with your ATS or HCM.

WorkLLama - Referral Management

Referral Management

Ditch the administrative burden that’s been holding back your referral program — and your potential.
  • Automation helps your referral program (including requests) run itself.
  • On-demand visibility into referral progress + incentives for all parties.
  • Mobile app makes referring, sharing + multi-level networking a snap.
  • Combines with candidate engagement to make referrals go viral.

WorkLLama - Candidate Engagement

Candidate Engagement

Deliver your hiring process and build your talent pool with a candidate-first mindset that’ll set you apart.
  • Automate, schedule or manually send the right messages at the right time.
  • Integrates with your ATS/HCM to align touchpoints + milestones.
  • Reporting + analytics dashboard measures performance.
  • Optimize candidate experience and stand out from the crowd.

WorkLLama - Multi-mode Communication

Multi-Mode Communication

Engage 1-on-1 with your candidates exactly when and where they’re ready to connect.
  • Configurable candidate messaging at job- and event-level.
  • Cross-channel communication: email, text, voice, chat, notifications.
  • Use surveys + polls to collect Net Promoter Scores and sentiment.
  • Save time with single tool to communicate, track + catalog messages.

WorkLLama - Chatbot

WorkLLama Chatbot

Your new AI-driven virtual assistant is dutiful and designed to boost your productivity.
  • Improve candidate experience and increase engagement.
  • Provide quick answers + solutions to urgent issues.
  • Demonstrate the quality of service + attention candidates can expect.
  • Increase productivity by automating responses to FAQs.

WorkLLama - On-Demand Staffing

On-Demand Staffing

Keep pace with the gig economy and get ahead of staffing demands with these benefits:
  • Cut time-to-fill from days to minutes — and compete with the best.
  • Build, engage + nurture your talent network and perfect your fill rate.
  • Pre-screened workforce makes resumes + cover letters obsolete.
  • Real-time alerts push job notifications to workers ready to work and heavily mobile.
We ♥ Customer Success
“It gets time-consuming and counterproductive to manage a referral program. WorkLLama was the only platform with referral tracking focused completely on jobs — with both mobile and web components. WorkLLama just makes sense.”

Jay Astell, Kforce Technology Architect

Technology Architect

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