Make referral management

Streamline and supercharge your referral program with automated messaging, on-demand tracking and multi-level networking that can make your recruiting go viral.


Research shows referred candidates make better hires. Are referrals part of your recruiting strategy? (Hint: they should be.) Here’s why.

Speed to hire

Speed to hire

Your active referral program cuts 10 days off time-to-hire vs. job boards and shaves 47% off time it takes to hire people from your career page.

Better hires

Better hires, period

Referred candidates are 5x more likely to be hired than candidates from any other source — and 15x more than applicants from a job board.


Double the retention

Research shows that both successful referrals and their sources are more likely to stay with a company longer than traditional hires.

Cut cost to hire

Cost cutters

Referral networks help cut advertising costs and lost internal productivity. Plus, referred hires are less likely to need to be replaced.

Expand your network

Expand tenfold

Leverage your contacts’ networks to access a referral-based candidate pool 10x bigger than traditional recruiting channels.


Get a reputation

Nothing speaks louder for employment brand than candidate experiences. Make it easy for them to share that this is the place to work.


Take a look at what’s under the hood of your well-oiled referral management machine.

Referral Network

Multi-Level Referrals

Say hello to network effects. Easy sharing and referrals with WorkLLama expands your talent network, exponentially! It helps sources earn rewards when they reach the right people, too.

Referral Messaging

Two-Way Messaging

Keep everyone connected and positive referral experiences moving with two-way communication among peers, referral sources and program managers.

Mobile app

Easy to Apply — and Share on Social

The WorkLLama app for candidates makes it easy for your talent network to apply to jobs, refer friends, track progress and incentives, and share jobs via text, email and social media.


Manage Financial Incentives

With on-demand visibility, program managers and referral sources can track referral progress and incentives. Managers can administer payouts and send appreciation with automated workflows, too.

Career Pages

Career Page

Supercharge your career page and listings with job-specific referral bonuses, an easy application process and a candidate experience that reflects the quality of your employment brand.

We ♥ Customer Success
“KFORCEconnect is a WorkLLama app-based, frictionless platform with optimal user functionality. It provided ample referrals in just a small amount of time.”

Mary Baum, Manager of Kforce Digital Strategy

Manager of Digital Strategy

Guide to Viral Recruiting

What is viral recruiting?

It’s an emerging referral strategy that harnesses the power of great candidate experiences and the technology to share them. Learn why it’s come at the perfect time — and how to make your recruiting go viral, in our new eBook.