Flex your recruiting muscles with these

Behind each WorkLLama is an evolving set of capabilities built to make recruiters and employers more efficient and effective at talent acquisition.


Imagine what you’ll be capable of with these candidate engagement and referral management tools in your pocket.

Referral Management


Companies that use referrals average 46% retention vs. the 33% rate of companies relying on job sites.

Referrals engage your talent network and employees in building a stronger workforce. WorkLLama makes multi-level networking a snap and empowers your network to refer friends, share jobs and make your recruiting go viral.

Sofi the WorkLLama Bot

Sofi the WorkLLama Bot

More than automation, more than a chatbot. Your personal WorkLLama bot gets you. Sofi learns and understands your hiring process and orchestrates better human experiences, every time.

Sofi also features natural language processing (NLP), which lends context and meaning to chatbot conversations. It gives her a llama’s leg up on coming up with the right answers for your candidates, in real-time.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Turn your talent network into microrecruiters by making it easy to share jobs and refer friends with a swipe or tap.

Sources can also use the app to track referral progress and incentives. Job-seekers can keep their pre-screened candidate profiles up to date, receive job notifications and apply to on-demand jobs on the spot.



Offload your tasklist, including referral tracking and back-and-forth updates.

Activate event-driven, scheduled or manually triggered touchpoints, hiring campaigns and email marketing. Build and iterate on automated workflows that keep candidates connected to your hiring process and keep you top-of-mind.


Surveys & Net Promoter Score

Capture feedback, get ahead of issues and improve candidate experience with Net Promoter Score (NPS) and custom surveys.

Regular engagement via simple surveys and polls lets you get a pulse on how you’re performing and make your candidates (and clients) feel seen and heard. Plus, you can automate these touchpoints to fold a feedback loop into your continuous candidate engagement and ongoing growth strategies.



Send the right messages via voice, email, chat, text, surveys, polls, notifications and alerts.

Start with a library of catalogued touchpoints and customize to your hiring process. Reach your audience when and where they prefer — from mobile-most workers and cross-device candidates to deskbound pros with a hot minute to hear what you have to say.

ATS and HCM Integration


Let’s keep it simple. WorkLLama integrates with your existing ATS or HCM with minimal lift or stress.

Consider WorkLLama central command. It pairs with your system to trigger touchpoints that align with your hiring process, execute on engagement strategies and manage your hiring process  — without switching tools.

Candidate Portal

Candidate Portal

Improve candidate experience with visibility across your hiring process and referral program.

Keep candidates updated on where they stand and what comes next for on-demand, perm, temp and other roles. Your portal enables candidates to manage profiles, apply and share jobs with friends.


Reporting & Analytics

Ready to nail your performance goals? Use your recruiter console reporting and analytics to change the way you do business.

Use descriptive and predictive analytics to measure performance of hiring campaigns, candidate placements, referral programs, incentives and top referral sources. You’ll be able to make better-informed decisions about your strategies and recruiting spend with the right data in-hand.



Why let great talent go when you know they’re a fit? That’s where redeployment comes in.

Engagement is central to staying top-of-mind and first-in-line for next assignments and redeployment. Automated check-ins and updates help you keep track of where candidates stand and what needs to anticipate with your clients.

Career Page

Career Page

Drive engagement with a career page and job listings that represent your employer brand and tell your story.

Make positive first impressions on potential candidates. Your career page and job listings can also promote your referral program, list job-specific referral bonuses and make referring friends and colleagues easy.


Customer Portal

On-demand visibility into the recruiting experience isn’t just for candidates. See where you stand, too.

Integrated with your ATS/HCM, your portal helps you measure performance of engagements, placements, referrals and redeployments. You’ll be able to launch and manage campaigns and learn from your metrics.

Make Your Next Move

Remind yourself how capable you are — and become the hero candidates want you to be.