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Elevating Talent Acquisition from Transactional to Transformational 

Find a better way to deliver talent faster and more cost effectively.

Traditionally, talent acquisition has been a fairly transactional function, despite well-intentioned, aspirational attempts to pursue strategic talent initiatives. A job opens up, one candidate makes the cut, and all other candidates are moved to an email distribution list for jobs that may or may not make sense for them.

Does this transactional, time-consuming hiring process sound familiar to you?

Talent acquisition is ready for a refresh. By combining technology with tried-and-true strategies, you can truly transform recruitment, focus more on business strategy, and reduce costs and time-to-hire.
Our eBook explores the ways companies can elevate their talent acquisition strategies to deliver talent faster and more cost effectively, including:

  • How to shift from recruiting repetition to relationship building
  • The power of conversational AI chatbots
  • How to connect with candidates in new ways with personalized communications
  • How tech is evolving direct sourcing and referral programs into powerful sourcing channels

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