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Candidate engagement and referral management solutions for

Take on today’s healthcare recruiting challenges with a tech stack designed to engage, retain and redeploy the qualified healthcare professionals everyone needs.


For healthcare staffing and healthcare employers with high-volume and time-sensitive hiring goals.

Speed to hire

Cut time-to-hire

Average healthcare time-to-hire is 49 days. No wonder there’s a hiring crisis.

Combining continuous candidate engagement with a streamlined screening process, you’ll be able to hire the right people, STAT!

Cost to hire

Lower cost-to-hire

Hiring healthcare talent can cost up to 25% of an employee’s salary.

Responsible automation drives process momentum. It maxes recruiting efficiency, crosses items off your list and optimizes your effectiveness as a recruiter.

Fill rate growth

Increase fill rate

Healthcare communities are tight. Help healthcare talent help you.

Leverage your networks with a powerful referral program that flexes your recruiting capacity and helps you fill your talent pool with referred candidates.


Explore how WorkLLama features and products work together to create recruiting solutions that’ll make you say, “what healthcare talent shortage?”

Referral Management

Referral Management for Healthcare
  • Harness the power of close-knit healthcare communities and grow referral pipeline.
  • Promote bonuses within job listings and make sharing with friends easy as a tap.
  • Relieve administrative burden with automation and on-demand tracking visibility.
  • Pair with (and measure) social campaigns, especially for travel nursing agencies.

Candidate Engagement

Candidate Engagement for Healthcare
  • Pairs with referral management to deliver an experience candidates want to share.
  • Integrates with ATS/HCM to align messages and milestones, without switching tools.
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard measures campaign and referral performance.
  • Automates regular check-ins with travel healthcare and on-demand workers.

ATS and HCM Integration

Redeployment Strategy for Healthcare
  • Stay top-of-mind with regular check-ins and clear understanding of workers’ goals.
  • Plan ahead and retain great talent with internal mobility and next assignments.
  • Make redeployment a natural part of contract, temp and on-demand experience.
  • Continuous employment builds trust and satisfaction for workers and your clients.

On-Demand Staffing

On-Demand Staffing for Healthcare
  • Pre-screen RNs, travel nurses and other healthcare workers and get ready to work.
  • Get ahead of healthcare staffing shortage by filling a qualified talent pool.
  • Build, engage and nurture healthcare talent pool and perfect your fill rate.
  • Push real-time job notifications to workers who are ready to work and mobile.


Chatbot Solution for Healthcare
  • Improve candidate experience and increase engagement with healthcare audience.
  • Provide quick answers and deliver solutions to urgent issues.
  • Show the quality of service and attention healthcare candidates can expect.
  • Boost productivity by automating FAQs, especially for travel nursing and on-demand.

Reporting and Analytics

Recruiter Console, Reporting & Analytics
  • Use descriptive and predictive analytics to make informed decisions about strategy.
  • Launch, manage and measure hiring campaigns, surveys and custom notification.
  • Track and view clicks, applicants, hires and referrals from various sources.
  • Get detailed, consolidated view into performance of campaigns and recruiting spend.
Addressing healthcare hiring with referrals

Confront The Healthcare Hiring Crisis, Head-On

Referral programs are key to getting qualified healthcare (especially nurse) resumes in the door for travel nursing, healthcare systems and staffing agencies. Learn three ways to make your healthcare referral program more competitive, in this blog post.

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