Candidate engagement and referral management solutions for

Keep up with growing hiring demands that just won’t quit with a recruiting tech stack built to optimize and scale the way you fill in-demand roles in a competitive market.


For staffing firms ready to hold their own with growing hiring volume and fierce competition.

Speed to hire

Cut time-to-hire

Whatever your focus (especially IT), staffing success can be measured in seconds.

Move fast(er) by topping out your talent pool via healthy talent pipeline, well-oiled referral machine and continuous candidate engagement that gives you that “in” over the competition.

Cost to hire

Lower cost-to-hire

Hiring top talent in any field can cost up to 33% of an employee’s salary.

Drive process momentum with timely multi-mode communication and engagement automation. It’ll maximize your day-to-day efficiency and optimize your recruiting performance.

Fill rate growth

Increase fill rate

Referred candidates are 15x more likely to be hired than job-board applicants.

Leverage your talent pool’s professional networks and associations with powerful referral management that helps you pave a more effective and efficient route to filling in-demand roles.


Explore how WorkLLama features and products work together to help you become more efficient and effective at finding the right fit.

Referral Management

Referral Management for Staffing
  • Mobile app turns your contacts into microrecruiters with referrals easy as a tap.
  • Promote your referral program and post specific bonuses within job listings.
  • Relieve administrative burden with automation and on-demand visibility into referral tracking.
  • Use reporting and analytics to measure performance and acknowledge top referral sources.

Candidate Engagement

Candidate Engagement for Staffing
  • Pairs with referral management to deliver an experience candidates want to share.
  • Integrates with ATS to align messages and milestones, without switching tools.
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard measures campaign and referral performance.
  • Automates regular check-ins to keep up with top talent and on-demand workers.
  • Automates regular check-ins to keep up with top talent and on-demand workers.

Sofi the WorkLLama Bot

Chatbot Solution for Staffing
  • Improve candidate engagement with a resources that’s ready to engage right back.
  • Provide quick answers and deliver solutions to urgent issues, any time of day.
  • Show the quality of service and attention candidates can expect.
  • Boost productivity with automated FAQs, especially for new, temp and on-demand workers.

On-Demand Staffing

On-Demand Staffing
  • Get ahead of project and flexible staffing needs with an engaged and pre-screened talent pool.
  • Mobile app and candidate profiles make applying for on-demand roles a snap.
  • Push real-time job notifications to workers who are pre-screened and ready to work.
  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness to place the right talent, faster.


Redeployment for Staffing
  • Stay first-in-line with regular, automated check-ins and engagement.
  • Pre-screened candidate profiles cut time-to-fill and make resumes and cover letters obsolete.
  • Plan ahead and retain great talent with internal mobility and next assignments.
  • Make redeployment a natural part of contract, temp and on-demand experience.

Reporting and Analytics

Recruiter Console, Reporting & Analytics
  • Use descriptive and predictive analytics to make informed decisions about strategy.
  • Launch, manage and measure hiring campaigns, surveys and custom notifications.
  • Track and view clicks, applicants, hires and referrals from various sources.
  • Get detailed, consolidated view into performance of campaigns and recruiting spend.
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