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Find the right fit faster with WorkLLama.

WorkLLama is your hub to recruit, retain & redeploy your professional workforce. Our mobile-first branded talent community platform modernizes professional recruiting and helps you build, nurture and grow a direct sourcing channel for qualified candidates.

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Speed up time-to-hire

Pick up the pace with a mobile-first approach to recruiting.

WorkLLama combines pre-screened profiles for ready-to-work candidates and continuous engagement (via alerts, notifications and preferred messaging channels) so you can see who’s in your talent community and make the right matches, fast.

  • Cut 10 days off time-to-hire vs. job boards by consistently filling your pipeline with qualified candidates and their referrals.
  • Use pre-screened profiles for ready-to-work candidates and continuous engagement for faster matches and greater precision.
  • Automate engagement to attract, nurture and retain candidates with the experience, skill sets and performance your clients need.
  • Streamline your hiring process with workflows, reminders and bot-driven next steps.
Built for Professional Staffing

Deliver impeccable candidate experiences across areas of expertise.

WorkLLama helps staffing firms harness their employment brands and provide unmatched, automated engagement tailored to the professional audiences they serve.

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Cut cost-to-hire

Measure your performance, maximize ROI.

Cost-to-hire is a critical KPI for staffing firms and your professional clients. With it, you know how recruiting and referral initiatives are performing. WorkLLama helps you measure that performance, report back and optimize your spend.

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  • Reduce spend by building a referral-based community of qualified talent that’s ready to work and 5x more likely to be hired.
  • Save money on advertising costs and increase retention with automated engagement and social referrals.
  • Segment your community into talent pools to better target your campaigns and get better returns.
  • Eliminate your manual work, and let your AI conversational bot drive candidate interactions.
Retain & redeploy

Find great talent — and keep them (happy).

WorkLLama keeps you connected with candidate profiles that tell a story. They help you know your professionals’ work availability, career goals & income objectives. These profiles are easy to read, search, update and maintain. Now it’s seamless to keep workers engaged, happy and redeployed.

Success by redeployment

“WorkLLama makes it easy to see where my candidates stand and how I can work with my clients to keep our top performers employed, happy and working with our staffing firm.”

Corey W.
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How much WorkLLama increases the number of candidates in the talent community via referrals. Download this ebook to learn how›

Streamline referrals

Unlock the potential of your referral program.

WorkLLama helps staffing firms harness the power of candidates’ networks and automates referral management from requests to incentives.

  • Enable candidates to apply for jobs, refer friends, track incentives and share jobs with their extended networks via email, text and social.
  • Extend your direct sourcing channels 10x with social referrals and targeted referral requests.
  • Promote bonuses within job listings and make sharing super-easy with our mobile app.
  • Automate referral requests and processing. Manage updates, payouts & appreciation with workflows.
  • See your best referral sources, know your open rates and track your campaigns with analytics & reporting.
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