Become a candidate engagement

Deliver the kind of candidate experience that gets people talking — and then seamlessly automate + manage the referrals you earn from it.


The WorkLLama platform helps you automate your way to efficient recruiting operations + stronger relationships.

Referral Management

Automated messaging meets multi-level networking to make your recruiting go viral.

Candidate Engagement

Your AI-driven WorkLLama bot fully automates your hiring process to make your brand stand out.

Multi-mode Communication

Deliver every message when & where candidates and referral sources want them most, every time.

WorkLLama Chatbot

Meet Sofi, your AI-driven WorkLLama bot that puts that personal touch on automated back-and-forth.

On-demand Staffing

Need for speed? Meet flexible workforce & temp demands faster than you can say gig economy.

WorkLLama pairs with your ATS or HCM to quickly turn your hiring process milestones into automated, yet meaningful, touchpoints that keep candidates and referral sources engaged.

Guide to Viral Recruiting ebook

The Ultimate Guide To Viral Recruiting

Learn how to evaluate and optimize candidate engagement in our new eBook, and then make your referral program go viral.


Work smarter, not harder — with industry-specific solutions built for recruiters who want to take the lead.

Designed for staffing firms and in-house recruiters with high-volume, time-sensitive hiring goals, WorkLLama’s industry solutions target unique challenges in your field. We go all-in to help your team nail hiring goals and succeed like never before.

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Are You Running Your Referral Program Or Is It Running You?

Test how strong your referral management is, and get tips for running an efficient and effective program that’ll help you succeed.

Meet Sofi, your llamabot

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