Millennials Are Fueling The Human Cloud

This digital-native, always-connected generation is changing the way we all think about work


Find out how the flexible, interconnected mindset of the millennial generation has helped create the economy of the human cloud.

The millennial generation of workers is digital native and always connected. They are acclimated to a flexible, gig-oriented lifestyle, where they are free to determine their own destiny. It’s a shift in the workforce mindset, and the massive generation is changing the market to what one analyst calls “the economy of the human cloud”.

Accordingly, the jobs have to go where the talent is, and that means going beyond simple online job postings at traditional web sites. According to According to Staffing Industry Analysts’ data, 4 percent of Fortune 1000 companies used online/mobile platforms to hire contingent labor in 2014, but that rose to 11 percent in 2015 with another 5 percent considering the tools in the next two years.

To stay competitive, enterprises must have a robust online/mobile solution that scales with their needs, is quick to implement, and allows them to quickly access premium talent for their flex/on-demand needs.

The answer lies in WorkLLama™, an on-demand workforce management app platform that lets employers address these concerns and more. With WorkLLama, you can create an on-demand hiring campaign with referral incentives that not only get the notice of new talent, but also turn existing workers into co-recruiters. You can leverage online channels like social media coordinated with physical collateral like flyers, “schwag” and other specialized product placement for maximum visibility.

These young workers are known for needing positive feedback and management engagement – even in temp or flex opportunities. With WorkLLama, you can offer gestures like personalized notes, Thank You videos and internal rewards to engage them on the devices they already use and ensure satisfaction.

The process of attracting and retaining young talent for permanent, flex and temp opportunities is not an easy one to master. Traditional methodology isn’t enough to get the quality workers you need. WorkLLama is the solution that lets you fully tap the workforce of today…and tomorrow.

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