On-demand staffing answers your
need for speed.

In the time it takes to say ‘gig economy,’ your window to meet flexible workforce demands slams shut. That’s why we built you this door.


Get a jump on staffing needs and take the lead with these deal-makers.

Speed to hire

Speed to hire

Cut time-to-fill from days to minutes with pre-screened, right-skilled workers on stand-by — with candidate profiles that make resumes + cover letters obsolete.


Behold the mobile referral

Harness the power of a heavily mobile workforce. Use the WorkLLama app for candidates to let them view jobs, apply with ease, update profiles, refer friends, track incentives and share jobs with their extended networks via email, text and social.

Response rate

Instant responses

Get and give instant responses on applications, offers, questions and redeployment opportunities. Automate ongoing outreach, too, to create time and space to plan your next staffing moves.

Shift scheduling

Shift scheduling

Keep your productivity goals met with shift scheduling that combines real-time access to staff availability, stand-by profiles and game-changing instant responses via the WorkLLama mobile app.


Meeting flexible workforce & temp demands isn’t easy. Unless you have these on-demand staffing tools on your belt.


Responsible Automation

Activate workflows that keep your talent pool connected to what job, redeployment and referral opportunities are coming down the pike.

Notifications and Alerts

Push Notifications & Alerts

Reach your very mobile audience on the WorkLLama mobile app. Send real-time alerts and push job notifications to workers who are ready to work.

Career Pages

Career Page

Drive engagement with a career page and job listings that represent your employer brand, enable internal mobility and promote your referral program.



Be first-in-line when it comes to knowing your talent pool, next assignments and redeployment. Engagement helps you plan ahead and retain great talent.


Candidate & Customer Portals

Provide on-demand visibility into activities on both sides of the recruiting experience. Let candidates know where they stand — and see how you’re faring, too.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Use descriptive and predictive analytics from your recruiter dashboard to see your how hiring campaigns perform and make informed decisions about strategy.

Guide to Viral Recruiting ebook

What is viral recruiting?

It’s an emerging referral strategy that harnesses the power of great candidate experiences and the technology to share them. Learn why it’s come at the perfect time — and how to make your recruiting go viral, in our new eBook.