How Recruiters Find In-Demand Talent in a Tight Job Market

The mismatch of available jobs and (especially tech) candidates puts a squeeze on companies hiring — and growing


Learn how companies can put candidate engagement tools to work to reach active and passive candidates.

One of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and companies seeking in-demand talent (like tech) is engaging candidates willing to hear their pitch. Right now in the U.S. job market, there are more jobs than there are adults to fill them.

There are hubs, like Columbus, Ohio, that defy these challenging times and exemplify prosperity. Unfortunately for employers, there is a common thread between these two disparate perspectives. They’re both leading to a tightness – or shortage of resources – in the labor market.

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On one hand, Ohio workers are fearful of the job market and are reducing their participation. 24,000 people left the labor force in August of 2016, and another 39,000 left in the two months prior, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. At the same time, the labor force overall is growing due to hiring across a diverse selection of industries including hospitality, construction and finance – especially in Columbus. But these sectors are fiercely competing for reliable, quality talent to fill these opportunities.

How can you make sure that your business is able to find talent in such a tight, competitive labor market? Even if you can locate them, how can you quickly onboard them to address seasonal demands or, say, mass staffing of a new distribution center? Most importantly, how can you ensure that you retain premium talent that have a proven record of performance for your business?

The answer lies in WorkLLama™, an on-demand workforce management app platform that lets employers address these concerns and more. With WorkLLama, you can create an on-demand hiring campaign with referral incentives that not only get the notice of new talent, but also turn existing workers into co-recruiters. Once onboard, you can easily schedule and broadcast shifts for efficient management. Best of all, you can offer gestures like personalized notes, Thank You videos and internal rewards to help retain and incentivize talent for a job well done.

The tightness of contemporary labor markets can be a daunting challenge, especially for businesses that flex their workforce up or down due to seasonal demands. WorkLLama is the solution your business needs to navigate these perils.

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