Confront The Healthcare Hiring Crisis Head-On With Referrals

Referral programs have become the bread-and-butter for getting qualified nurse resumes in the door for travel nursing, healthcare systems and staffing agencies. Learn three keys to keep your talent pipeline filled with nurses and their referrals. Read more.

Redeployment Is The Recruiting Metric You’re Forgetting

There’s no shortage of sustainability metrics across the more tangible parts of business. More than 80% of companies today report how much power we’re saving, plastic we’re recycling, paper we’re not using. But a recent survey revealed only 5% of recruiters use redeployment rate as a metric.

Make Room For Your Recruiting Operations To Scale With 4 Automation Efficiencies

A well-oiled referral machine should keep your talent pool hitting the brim with strong candidates for in-demand roles. Use these tips to understand where you might be stopping a wave of referrals from joining your roster and clear the way for stronger referral management.