Talent community

Build, nurture and grow your
talent community.

Meet the AI conversational bot that can optimize referral management, automate engagement and differentiate your employment brand experience.


Navigate talent market dynamics with a single platform that optimizes and amplifies your brand experience.

Expand your network

Extend reach 10x

The WorkLLama Talent Community platform harnesses your contacts’ networks to build your talent acquisition channels 10x greater than traditional recruiting.


Engage & manage talent

Use your AI conversational bot to optimize and personalize candidate & employee engagement. Automate referral requests to continuously build your talent community.

Brand love

Amplify brand experience

Create a consistent experience with your branded WorkLLama app, portal & messaging, and make applying for jobs and referring friends friction-free.

Speed to hire

Waste no time

Maintain ready access to candidates, automate time-consuming tasks, max productivity and unify your hiring activities with a single, powerful talent community platform.

Powered by the smartest conversational bot on the market, the WorkLLama Talent Community Platform helps build your talent community, nurture candidates & employees and grow your success metrics.

See WorkLLama Work

The WorkLLama Talent Community Platform helps you automate and optimize unparalleled experiences — and then it seamlessly manages the referrals you get from candidates, employees & customers.


AI Conversational Bot
  • Meet Sofi, your natural language processing bot — and new recruiting assistant.
  • The smartest conversational bot on the market and the engine behind the WorkLLama Talent Community Platform.
  • Now more than ever: provide quick answers and resolve urgent issues fast!
  • Demonstrate the speed and quality of service candidates can expect, without losing that personal touch.
  • Improve candidate experience and increase engagement with candidate, employee and out-of-work audiences.
  • Boost productivity by automating FAQs, especially for overwhelmed teams and on-demand staff.

Referral Management

Social Referral Management & Talent Community
  • Leverage the power of social media, professional networks and talent communities to build your talent community.
  • Promote bonuses within job listings and make sharing super-easy with our mobile app.
  • Let Sofi do the work: our AI conversational bot drives the referral experience and keeps referrals, sources and program managers in the loop.
  • Automated requests, on-demand progress & incentive tracking and visibility cut administrative burden.
  • Pair with social campaigns, use analytics to measure results and let Sofi help optimize your approach.

Candidate Engagement

Candidate & Employee Engagement
  • Sofi helps you send the right messages at the right time with automated touchpoints.
  • Automates regular check-ins, referral requests, reminders and status updates.
  • Pairs with referral management to deliver an experience candidates & employees want to share with everyone in their networks.
  • Integrates with ATS/HCM for event-triggered workflows that support the complete candidate journey without switching tools.
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard measures campaign and referral performance. Sofi helps you learn and improve with each send.

On-Demand Staffing

On-Demand Staffing
  • Pre-screen workers with candidate profiles that make resumes obsolete.
  • Cut time-to-fill from days to minutes with pre-screened, right-skilled workers on stand-by.
  • Build, nurture and grow your talent communities and perfect your fill rate with timely and automated engagement.
  • Push real-time job notifications to workers who are ready to work and mobile.

Multi-mode communication

Omni-channel Communication
  • Send two-way, broadcast, scheduled and triggered messages to candidates and employees. Engage across channels, devices and your hiring process.
  • Centralize your communications, protect your contacts, measure performance and never lose touch.
  • Get started with contextually catalogued touchpoints, including email, text, polls and alerts.
  • Reach your very mobile audience on the WorkLLama mobile app.
  • Push job notifications, alerts and updates into the palm of their hands.
  • Capture feedback, get ahead of issues, improve your candidate-first process and make NPS part of your continuous candidate engagement strategy.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics
  • Use descriptive and predictive analytics to make informed decisions about your strategy.
  • Launch, manage and measure hiring campaigns, surveys and custom notification.
  • Track and view clicks, applicants, hires and referrals from various sources.
  • Get detailed, consolidated view into performance of campaigns and recruiting spend.
Build talent communities at a distance

Building Talent Communities at a Distance

Learn how talent communities help differentiate & prepare your employment brand experience for the post-pandemic future of work.


Request a demo to meet Sofi and see how the WorkLLama Talent Community Platform can help you build, nurture & grow.