Make your recruiting go viral.

WorkLLama is the candidate engagement platform recruiters use to deliver a powerful experience — and seamlessly manage referrals you’ll get from it.



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Automate Candidate Engagement With Intention

Make more time for tasks that move the needle. WorkLLama automation gives recruiters time to get personal and deliver candidate experiences that leave an impression.

WorkLLama integrates with your ATS or HCM to deliver:

Surveys, polls and the right messages
Customization at job and event levels
Voice, text, chat, alert, push formats
Real-time virtual assistance via chatbot


Make Referrals Easy to Do — and Manage

The WorkLLama mobile app transforms your talent network into microrecruiters. It makes referring friends, sharing on social and tracking progress easy as a swipe or tap — and turns recruiting viral.

Referral management with WorkLLama includes:

Multi-level networking made easy.
Visibility for recruiters and referrers on progress and incentives.
Dashboards + reporting to help you identify your brand ambassadors.
No administrative overhead — just launch, measure and go viral.
Fully automated viral distribution and incentive tracking.


How WorkLLama can improve your recruiting success:

Increase fill rates

Increase fill rates

Leverage your network to flex your recruiting capacity and match the right people with the right roles.

Lower cost-to-hire

Let automation max your recruiting efficiency while referrals max your program’s efficacy.

Cut time-to-hire

Reach ready-to-work candidates in real-time across email, text, chat and notifications that deliver on time and keep the ball rolling.

Better experiences

Automated engagement and referral management make more time for delivering the best experience to the right candidates.

Deliver candidate experiences they’ll want to talk about.

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