AI Recruitment Bot

Transform interest into employer brand loyalty

WorkLLama steps in for your recruiters at scale, so you can engage, vet and schedule candidates 24/7 — whenever they’re searching for jobs.

Comprehensive, seamless & engaging

Branded Talent Communities

Deliver a strong, branded and mobile-first candidate experience with an engagement platform that taps into your passive candidate database and grows a curated direct sourcing channel.

  • Leverage social referrals & bolster your employer brand to build your talent community population.
  • Reduce time-to-hire 55% by filling your direct sourcing pipeline with ready-to-work candidates.
  • Automate marketing to keep candidates engaged with your employer brand until they get hired.
  • Cut cost-to-hire by building a referral-based community of qualified talent.
  • Segment your community into talent pools to better target your nurturing efforts.
  • Increase the quality of your hires and your ability to meet evolving talent demands.

Automate and centralize the way you recruit, source, retain and engage so you can prioritize being a powerful resource for your people.

Empower engaged candidates & employees to apply for jobs, ask questions and refer friends — right from the palm of their hands.

  • Mobile-first and customized for your employer brand, the app offers phone, tablet and web experiences.
  • Your WorkLLama app delivers a consistent, branded experience for candidates & employees to apply for jobs and engage with your talent community.
  • The app makes it easy as a swipe or tap to refer qualified friends or share jobs via social media, text or email.
  • Leverage candidate & employee networks to access a referral-based candidate pool 10x bigger than traditional recruiting channels.


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Social Referral Management

Build your talent community and extend your employer brand reach 10x with social referrals and automated program management.

  • Automate referral requests and processing. Manage updates, payouts & appreciation with workflows too.
  • Cut 10 days off time-to-hire vs. job boards. Hire 47%
    faster than applications from your career page.
  • Promote incentives directly in your job posts and keep
    your referral program top-of-mind.
  • Use analytics & reporting to know, recognize and
    encourage your best referral sources.

Engage & activate your network fast

“KFORCEconnect is a WorkLLama mobile-first, frictionless platform with optimal user functionality. It provided ample referrals in just a small amount of time.”

Mary Baum
Manager of Digital Strategy

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Automated Engagement

Nurture candidates & employees at scale with personalized messages and an AI conversational bot that nurture relationships and streamline your branded communications.

  • Connect with candidates & employees on preferred devices
    with 2-way, omni-channel messaging that carries your brand.
  • Keep applicants updated, your talent community engaged and
    employees informed with strategic automated workflows.
  • Reduce administrative burden of optimizing messages and
    measuring performance — let your conversational bot do it.
  • Use surveys, polls and NPS to collect feedback, build trust
    and improve your candidate & employee experience.